GSR Electric
GSR Electric

Distribution Board

Durable Series

Distribution Board

SPN Durable Series : 4+2 WAY,
6+2 WAY, 8+2 WAY, 10+2 WAY , 12+2 WAY

Distribution Board

TPN Durable Series : 4 WAY,
6 WAY, 8 WAY, 12 WAY

Salient Features
  • Elegantly designed compact DBs to suit your requirements
  • Suitable for surface & flush mounting
  • Raised neutral link for easy wiring
  • Detachable din bar with end stoppers for easy assembly of MCBs
  • Supplied with fully shielded busbar
  • Level marks for providing an indication for fitment in-wall
  • Prominently placed earthing screws on either side
  • Supplied with Neutral & Earth Link


Human Safety


Good Inter Locking


Safe & Secure


Low Maintenance